Homes in Denver neighborhood to be inspected this week for erosion issues

FOX 46 Charlotte is getting results for neighbors in the Village of Denver dealing with serious erosion problems.

On Friday, Lennar engineers are expected to inspect several homes we have shown creeping close to the edge. Neighbors are losing their backyard and sense of security.

“We usually don’t walk anywhere around this area,” said Kevin Fillenwarth. “In fact I just don’t like mowing around here because you never know.”

James Ware works for the City of Charlotte code enforcement. When Lennar built his home two years ago, he noticed problems and started taking pictures.

“All they did was put the fill back there didn’t compact or anything, so it just washes right out,” said Ware.

He brought it 36 truckloads of fill in dirt to fix his yard himself. Even after that, he has also fallen in several holes forming in his yard.  

“I fell in a hole over there it actually caught me by surprise I was right about to the middle of my thigh and about fell down the hill.”

Lincoln County Soil & Water Conservation tells FOX 46 in a statement in part:

We have received complaints for this area in the past.  We oversee all erosion issues during the construction phase but once the site is stabilized it is no longer our jurisdiction we can only provide technical advice to these homeowners once their lot is purchased and direct them to their homebuilder and HOA for assistance.

But James Ware says he warned county leaders when they were building the homes and also informed Lennar there would be future erosion problems.

“I contacted Rick Swain with Lincoln County and explained the issues I was having with the erosion out here and he said the only thing he could do was cite them for silt fences.”

A couple of years later, fences are sinking and holes are getting bigger.

“It seems like every time I look out here it’s getting deeper,” said Fillenwarth.

He showed us a drain that he says was level 6 months ago. It’s now shifted and sank into the ground collapsed around it.

“They tried to put a drain box in there to catch water and run it off.”