Horror filmmakers help local WWE ref after memorabilia theft

Two horror filmmaker sisters are helping a WWE referee whose Hollywood and horror collection, valued at more than $50,000, was stolen in Charlotte. 

"We saw your story, and we wanted to help you guys get results for Charles," said Jennifer Soska, one half of the Soska Sisters

Queen City resident Charles Robinson had amassed a large collection of rare and vintage monster memorabilia, which he planned to give to his daughter. His items were recently stolen from Extra Space Storage on Ardrey Kell Road in south Charlotte.

A spokesperson for Extra Space Storage called it an "unusual, targeted break-in."

 The Soska Sisters are now stepping in to help the huge horror fan. They plan to donate their own movie props to Robinson and have asked other horror actors, directors and collectors to do the same. 

"It would be so nice if he had more than $50,000 of items returned," said Jennifer. "If it was like 'It's a Wonderful Life' of horror."

The duo, which directed a horror movie produced by WWE, posted a list of Robinson's stolen items hoping their fans will spot the missing monster memorabilia if someone tries to sell it online.  

"The cool thing about the horror community," said Sylvia Soska, "even though we seem pretty scary...we are the nicest, most generous kind of group."

Robinson told FOX 46 on Monday that there is "no new news." He recently spotted what he believes to be his stolen Jaws statue for sale on eBay. He alerted authorities and says CMPD is working on getting a court order to obtain the seller's information.