Hotels in York County booked solid as Hurricane Matthew approaches

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Hotel rooms in York County are almost at capacity. The upcoming weekend is a holiday, Columbus Day, so some folks had already planned vacations. Hurricane Matthew is just one of many reasons rooms are filled. 

"To them they were just excited there's no school," Michele Fowles and her family live in the Charleston area.

She came to Fort Mill, with her husband and their five kids, to escape Hurricane Matthew after mandatory evacuations were ordered along the South Carolina coast.

Wes Peterson also evacuated Charleston. Peterson said, "It has been quite an adventure so far and it hasn't even started yet."

Peterson was in Charleston on business when the evacuation was announced. 

Fowles said traffic was a mess getting out Wednesday morning. 

"My GPS rerouted me, because it was all red all the way up 26, it was at a standstill," Fowles said. 

Fowles booked a hotel room this past Monday, just in case. And that's a good thing because FOX 46 Charlotte learned many hotels in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and even Charlotte are sold out through the weekend. 

"We have a combination of rooms that have checked out earlier to avoid the incoming weather, and they've been replaced by people who are looking to escape the coastline," General Manager Stephen Moore with the Hampton Inn and Suites Fort Mill, said. 

As far as the gas supply in South Carolina goes, the governor said there is no shortage overall, but Peterson said he had trouble finding gas in Charleston.

"Sat in line for 25 minutes and they told us there was no gas. Then I went to the next exit, waited in line and it took forever," Peterson said. 

Fowles said she doesn't know how long her family will have to stay in Fort Mill, but her mind is on Charleston right now.

"We're not sure what it will look like when we go back, but we're hoping it won't be too bad and it will lose some of its strength as it comes up to south Carolina," she said. 

So where can you get a room? You may want to check Upstate South Carolina in the Greenville-Spartanburg area, if your family and friends need a place to stay.