How to prep your yard for severe weather season

In the Carolinas, heavy rain and strong winds are a threat throughout the year. However, during severe weather season, which is typically March-May and a slightly less active season September-November, damaging winds, tornadoes, and flash flooding are not uncommon. 

With so many trees lining streets and neighborhoods, downed trees are a major concern during severe weather season.

You don’t want to wait until severe weather is in the forecast to address the trees in your yard.

“Most people don't think about it, but the largest living thing they own is their tree”, said arborist Josh Milbourne from Schneider Tree Care in Charlotte.

Blooms and flowers don’t necessarily mean the tree is healthy. Many issues start at the roots or occur inside the tree.

Fungi has been a big issue this year because of all the rainfall; it’s not something that’s easily recognized to the untrained eye because the color can blend in with the surrounding bark.

How can you protect your trees? According to Milbourne, the best ways to prepare your trees before severe weather strikes is to call a professional to inspect your trees. Pruning and maintenance to keep the trees healthy helps to prevent damage when severe weather strikes.