Howard in the Navy: Suiting Up

If you plan on joining the navy, you first have to look the part. Sailors, retirees and their families shop at the Naval Exchange for uniforms. 

I was helped by Jay Russell, a graduate of Hopewell High School in Huntersville, who joined the Navy in 2014. 

“You have to make sure the collars right here are flattened with an iron and your name tape and you’re good to go,” said Russell. 

Whether at the base or on board the ship, sailors have to wear steel toe boots. 

“That’s a big safety precaution we take,” he said. 

The ships are built with 200 million pounds of steel. And when you work on a flight deck anything can happen. 

“If something were to happen, that could save you or hurt you,” he said. 

We’re also outfitted in fire resistant coveralls. They’re only suitable aboard the ship. 

While at the base they wear the naval working uniforms. 

The blue color will soon be phased out and replaced with green camouflage. 

These pieces highlight Howard's experience with our men and women in the United States Navy. They are written in the first person for that reason.