HUD to visit seniors living in 'squalor' following FOX 46 investigation

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A Gaston County senior housing facility that is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is now under the microscope following a FOX 46 investigation.

HUD will be visiting A.R.P. Manor, located off 2900 Union Rd., after a number of tenants reached out to FOX 46 about, what they call, dangerous living conditions.

"This particular place here is full of mold," tenant Reggie Wilson said.

Many believe their health is being affected from conditions at A.R.P. Manor.

"A lot of people here [are] having problems with [their] breathing," tenant Jose Rodriguez said.

Tenants sent FOX 46 photos of conditions at the building and even a sample kit of mold that they said tested positive. 

"In fact, we brought three of them (sample kits) and put them on each floor and every one of them turned positive," Wilson said.

FOX 46 reached out to A.R.P. Manor by phone. When we did not receive any sort of response, we visited the property manager, in-person, while accompanied by several tenants.

Management forwarded us to North Carolina Housing Services & Management Co.'s Regional Property Manager, Terry Leonard, but he has not responded to our questions.

A.R.P. Manor is a 100 percent HUD subsidized apartment complex with 100 units.

"We are concerned about reports you provided concerning suspected mold in some units of A.R.P. Manor Apartments," HUD told FOX 46 in a statement. "HUD is prepared to visit the apartment complex and would like some additional information before the onsite visit is scheduled."

A list of at least eight tenants who believe they have serious issues has been provided to HUD.