Hulen Mall closed after teens brawl inside on Monday evening

Hulen Mall was closed Monday evening after a large fight broke out inside.

A heavy police presence from Fort Worth PD could be seen at the mall on Monday. Police would only say there was a large fight inside the mall and a report of a person with a weapon.

Police said a fight near the food court involved about 100-150 middle school and high school students. At least four youths were cited for their role in the brawl.

Police said the mall would be been shut down for the rest of the day. Officers also went from store to store inside the mall to check on everybody.

Police, as of 9 p.m., were unable to confirm if any shots were actually fired inside or outside the mall. They were also investigating to see if the fight was premeditated.

More information on this developing story as FOX4 is able to confirm details.