Hundred still without power across Chesterfield County

Roughly 1300 are still without power in Chesterfield County on Tuesday after Hurricane Matthew took down power lines of Friday night.

Chesterfield County Schools got power back on Monday night and opened schools Tuesday with a two hour delay, giving bus drivers more daylight to work with, as roads are still covered in debris.

“Electricity is a beautiful thing,” said Board of Education member, William Watson. “You don’t appreciate it until you don’t have it.”

Sherry Sellers tells Fox46 Charlotte she is excited to finally have power back on Tuesday.  She calls herself one of the lucky ones, but she couldn’t send her kids into school Tuesday morning.

“We haven’t washed clothes, they haven’t showered,” said Sellers.

Sellers tells Fox46 Charlotte she is thankful her produce stand on Highway 9 was able to stay in business through the power outages.

 “We are the type of business that can still operate without power,” said Sellers. “But a lot of businesses here can’t.”   

After heavy rain flooded her farm fields, Sellers say she lost some crops. But she is also concerned that Chesterfield will get lost on the radar of towns that still need storm repairs.

 “Sometimes the smaller towns do get pushed to the back burner,” said Sellers. “Chesterfield is a very rural area, and a lot of secondary roads still don’t have power.”