Hundreds call for resignation of Charlotte city councilwoman following controversial 9/11 post

There are new calls for a city council woman to resign after she wrote a controversial post on Facebook concerning 9/11.

Nearly 600 locals have signed a petition demanding that councilwoman Lawana Mayfield resign for what the petition calls “promoting 9/11 trutherism.”

The petition organizer wrote in part: “Mayfield has brought shame and disgrace upon herself, her district, her city and her state. It is simply not acceptable for an elected official to use his or her platform to promote such claptrap.”

It then goes on to request Mayfield resign. You can view the petition on

On Tuesday, Mayfield shared an article that says 9/11 was a controlled demolition, saying: "I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane that opened the doors for US citizens to lose all privacy rights."

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Mayfield later updated the post defending her free speech.

A number of reporters, including FOX 46’s Morgan Frances have called and texted Mayfield requesting an explanation, but she hasn't responded.

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