Hundreds gather for #LoveWinsCLT rally

Hundreds of people gathered in Plaza Midwood Sunday afternoon for a rally following the presidential election.
The "Love Wins CLT" rally was organized in 10 days by a group of moms  who say they felt their values weren't being expressed during the election. A local non-profit, Our Bridge For Kids, joined the cause.
They hope a message of unity is heard around the country, bringing any negativity to an end.

"The majority are good people and the minority are the ones trying to divide us. I think people need to understand that if we are just one big group of people regardless of the color of our skin  and the words and the accents that we use  I think we are going to be ok. We need to look forward and be positive," said the founder of Our Bridge For Kids, Sil Ganzo.

Organizers say that Sunday's event was not a protest, demonstration or debate, but an event that brings Charlotte together as one.