Hundreds gather in Uptown in support of Trump impeachment

Hundreds of people who want President Donald Trump impeached rallied in Uptown Tuesday night ahead of a major vote set to take place tomorrow.

Signs and shouts made it clear why they were gathered in Marshall Park: They don't like what's happening in Washington and it specifically with the person in the Oval Office. 

“We need to let them know what we want. That we need to hold him accountable,” 

The rally was one of several hundred across the country that attendees say is sending a message that “nobody is above the law.” 

“I want to see Donald Trump get impeached,” said Kaylan Bailey who attended the rally. 

Across the way from the crowds of people supporting impeachment, however, was a man with a message of his own for those protestors.

“We have so many pressing problems that need to be addressed and all they do is waste time trying to impeach a president who has been duly elected,” Trump supporter Joe Lyons said. 

He was one making his voice heard to many. The ‘many’ say there is a difference in perspective and how they see the case laid out.

“If anyone did what Donald Trump did, they would have to answer to the law.  They would probably be arrested, probably be convicted,” said Jane Whitley with the Mecklenburg County Democratic party. 

The lights in Uptown, meant to welcome the new soccer team to Charlotte, but it's not lost on anyone here that the red, white and blue is taking on its own meaning in Marshall Park.

“I think there is a movement in this country, and I think people are looking for change,” Whitley said.

Similar rallies were held in Rock Hill and Hickory Tuesday night. More information on the impeachment is set to come Wednesday morning.