Hundreds of dollars stolen from elementary school fundraiser

A bag full of money disappeared during an annual fundraising event at a Gaston County School.

“Everybody is just appalled by it,” said parent Kathryn Lewis. “I don’t know why anyone would take from children.”

New Hope Elementary PTA president, Ashley Cannon, said $500 dollars was taken from a bake sale booth at the school’s Friday carnival.

The stolen money was going towards buying books for classrooms. 

“The person that stole this money took from the children of our school and took from the teachers,” Cannon said.

The police were called and are investigating the case.

Despite this setback, Cannon said they still ended up raising thousands of dollars from the other booths and activities at the fundraiser.

For anyone interested in sending donations to help replace the missing funds, you can send a check made payable to the PTA at New Hope Elementary at 137 Stowe Rd., Gastonia, North Carolina.

PTA members are also trying to think of other ways to help replace the money. They’re hoping during a winter fundraiser planned later on this year, they can make back those funds.  

Cannon also said the PTA has received a lot of support from strangers asking how they can help.

“It’s amazing and it’s good to know there are good people in this world that want to help a school that they’re probably not even involved with,” Cannon said.