Hundreds plan to protest the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration

Donald Trump’s inauguration is this Friday. A big question – will it get out of hand? Nearly 100 protest groups are expected to be there when he’s sworn in.

FOX 46 Charlotte met with a local security expert who will be on the ground in Washington, D.C. with an eye on the protesters.

A number of groups are already firing off on social media, saying this will not be a peaceful inauguration.

From armed attacks to accidents, security preps are underway from Inauguration Day.

“We’re anticipating this to be the most volatile inauguration in recent history,” Ross Bulla said.

Bulla will be there. He’s worked security for a number of U.S. presidents. This inauguration, Bulla said he expects President-Elect Donald Trump to be met with a lot of hostility.

“There are 99 protest organizations that have permits,” he said.

Bulla will be on the ground, monitoring protest groups while working with federal law enforcement.

Already, the hashtag #disruptJ20 is making its way across social media calling for, “No peaceful Transition.”

“What we know through intelligence right now and to some extent they’re making public, they intend to shut down the interstate in and out of Washington, D.C.” Bulla explained.

This has the group, Bikers for Trump, telling FOX News it will form a wall to protect citizens from protesters.

Protesters, Bulla said, plan to be out in full force.

“They want to get their guys early in the morning, get the front rows of the parade route, rush the motorcade, stop the motorcade or potentially try to swarm President Trump if he gets out of the motorcade,” Bulla said.

President-Elect Donald Trump will be sworn in starting at 11:30 a.m. Friday.