Huntersville firefighters delayed on call due to overcrowded street

Huntersville firefighters want to get results in their community after a street crowded with cars almost kept them from getting to a home a call had come in from.

The firefighters say they were delayed by several minutes on a call over the weekend 
because the road was too crowded with cars. They say it’s a problem they deal with regularly. 

“It’s a daily occurrence, and basically, it's not people thinking when they park,” Bill Suthard with the Huntersville Fire Department said. 

The department posted a picture of the street on Sunday when they were responding to a carbon monoxide call when they came across a road filled with cars, and not enough space for the fire truck to fit through.

“Our fire trucks are large, our ladder trucks are large, they need to be large. The trucks alone are 8-foot 6-inches in width,” Suthard said. 

Homeowners confirmed to FOX 46 Charlotte that the picture posted by Huntersville Firefighters relates to an incident on Tanners Creek Drive.

“The fire engine had stopped, it actually laid on the horn and nobody came out to move their vehicles,” said Ty Huston. 

A number of other communities in town with narrow roads actually have signs up, telling people where to park, and they're not above shaming neighbors. One example is the Vermillion subdvision.

“If you park in the wrong spot, you're probably going to get a picture on the Facebook page,” said Vermillion resident Morgan Greer.

And if a home goes up in flames, firefighters say they won't hesitate.

“We have driven through yards, we have taken out small tress and lawn ornaments and mailboxes to get to a fire. And there have been fire trucks that will push a vehicle out of the way,” said Suthard. 

The firefighters also tell FOX 46 cars parked on narrow roads it isn't just a problem for them--  ambulances, school buses and trash trucks can get stuck as well.