Huntersville firefighters rescue hawk stuck in tree

Huntersville firefighters were on the scene to help rescue a hawk that got stuck in a tree.  

It was a on quiet cul-de-sac in Huntersville where a young red shouldered hawk thought he’d make his home in cozy Crepe Myrtle, only to get stuck. Thankfully, a caring homeowner saw the hawk in distress and freed him with the help of Huntersville firefighters.

"I think he was just wiped out from struggling and being stressed." Dr. Dave Scott with the Carolina Raptor Center said.

He says the hawk is rehabbing right now and thankfully didn’t do any damage to his wings.

"We're hoping we can get him right back home in a couple of days, maybe even tomorrow."

First he’s got to pass the flying test like other hawks being cared for the Raptor Center. Then, its back to the wildlife of suburban Huntersville as fast he can.

"Everyday they're here there's a chance for something really horrible, so when they're ready we get them out immediately," Scott said. 

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