Huntersville gym rally held outside government center

Community members in Huntersville are upset after their historic black gym was closed down.

Protesting took place outside the government center right before the county commissioner meeting Tuesday and they are asking for the gym to be re-opened.

The county says the reason the gym closed was due to electrical problems along with the age and condition of the building.

The gym is leased by the town of Huntersville, but owned by Mecklenburg County. County commissioners are now faced with an important decision, to restore the gym or demolish it. 

Community members who live near the Waymer Facility say their frustration dates back to the 60's.

The high school right next to it Torrence-Lytle High School has been closed since 1966. They've also been fighting to have the school restored and that hasn't happened yet.

The county confirmed the high school will be rebuilt and they're in the planning stage to open it back up.