Huntersville man takes on speeding drivers in neighborhood

Another day, another car zooming by.  A Huntersville man is taking matters into his own hands, attempting to slow down drivers.

"I'm surprised no one has been hit yet actually," said Neighboring Resident Shannon Gatley.

Huntersville Resident Scott Cianci is proving it doesn't necessarily take a blinking, neon road sign to catch the attention of speed demons in his neighborhood.

"I'm just trying to slow people down," Cianci said.  "People come around the corner and I hear them slamming on the gas like they're coming off the last turn of the last lap of the Daytona 500."

But, the sign seems to be working.

"It's been there a couple months now through the rain and everything," said Cianci.  "It's held up, I'm surprised really."

"If we get a bunch of them going down the street, maybe people will listen," said Gatley.

The sign was put together with a sharpie and the back of a poster.

"The sign has helped," Cianci said.  "I don't hear them throttling up so much, they're slowing down."

Area residents say they see people speed around the curve all day long, and they're hoping to find a way to get people to pump the breaks.

"You want to save a few minutes, but we have lives over here," said Cianci.  "I'd rather be proactive and have no accidents and not know of any, than to have five in a month, and think we should've done soemthing."

People who live in the neighborhood say the town of Huntersville has been working with them to try to help solve the problem, whether they try to put in speed bumps, new signage or more patrols.

FOX 46 Charlotte made a call to the city to find out what is being done, and is waiting for a response.