Huntersville mom says no protections in place for students who 'see something, say something'

A Huntersville mom says she’s not sending her child back to school until she knows he’ll be protected after reporting another student to administrators for having a knife. 

The incident happened back in March at J.M. Alexander Middle School. The mom told FOX 46 her son saw something and said something just like he was supposed to do, but what happened after still has her scratching her head.

“There was a weapon on campus, my son witnessed it, my son said something,” Ariana Baerga-Collins said.

He did the right thing but since then, her son has been out of class, and getting homeschooled. Baerga-Collins says this is because she didn’t know what would happen when he got back.

“We wanted to know what happens when a student brings a weapon on campus, with the children involved, whoever, if they're going to be contacted. No one knew. No one had a plan,” she said.  

Just within the last week, our area has seen at least four separate incidents of threats or weapons on campus.

In many of those instances, students are the ones who told teaches and staff what they saw. But what happens after, with those students, to assure their safety? That’s the question we tried to get answered.

FOX 46 checked Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools’ student code of conduct and there's not a clear answer there, though there are rules barring any retaliation.

Baerga-Collins told us the only answers she's been looking for is an assurance that the student who had the knife was properly disciplined and that her son faced no threat in going back. She says she has yet to receive a response.
“We just wanted a level of comfort. We never got a specific answer.” 

FOX 46 reached out to CMS for comment, but we have not heard back.