Hurricane Matthew causing down trees and power lines, keeping First responders busy in Charlotte

From downed trees to water rescues, Charlotte Fire and Police responded to multiple calls on Saturday.

Here on Queens road, this tree came down and took down a whole row of power lines, cracked poles and landed on a car.

CMPD warned people that the wires could still be live and the possibility of all those cables coming down.

Charlotte Fire Department even rescued a driver from their car on North Tryon, which ended up in Mallard Creek after losing control.

The most significant damage we saw was this home where the tree complete uprooted itself and took out the entire back part of the house.

"We heard what sounded like really short and really quick thunder. We were surprised because we haven't heard thunder all day long and it was over really quickly. All of the sudden we started hearing the police men and the fire come by,’ Matt Roger said.

The fallen tree trapped a woman living inside and firefighters had to cut down limbs to get her out. Luckily, she had no injuries but she was taken to the hospital just in case.

"It could have been worse, a lot worse. At least she made it out," TJ Baker said.

Neighbors we spoke with tell FOX 46 Charlotte, they are hoping this is the worst of it but will be keeping a closer eye on the weather.

“Well I wasn't worried about it yesterday but I am now since we have the same trees, the same house, you know it's a little scary to think that this happened just 3 doors down," Rogers said.