Husband of woman suspected in newborn baby's 1999 murder says despite evidence, he's standing by his wife

A disturbing 20-year old cold has finally been charged and a suspected killer is behind bars.

Charles O'Connner says his wife was in the back of the house when authorities knocked on the door asking to speak with her, he says what happened next is something he never expected. 

"When he said 'first-degree murder,' my heart dropped," 

O'Connor says 24 hours after his wife's arrest, he's still in disbelief. 

"I've been doing this ever since yesterday. I haven't slept all night," he said. 


Charles O'Connner says he'll stand by his wife as she goes on trial for throwing a newborn baby out of a moving car back in 1999. 

Charle's wife Rebecca, who he calls Debbie was arrested Thursday by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. She accused of wrapping her one-day-old baby boy in a trash bag and throwing him out of a moving car in 1999 in Fayetteville. 

"She loves kids, she is not the type to have done this without, she wouldn't have done this out of cold blood. There had to be extenuating circumstances." 

The baby was found by a soldier, and authorities say the umbilical cord was still attached and it was the DNA recently sent to a lab to be tested that led them to Rebecca. 

Investigators say they searched for the baby's parents after the infant's body was found. When no one came forward the Sheriff's Office decided to name the child-- baby Michael, after the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, and buried him in a church cemetery. 

O'Conner says despite the evidence, he's supporting his wife no matter what. 

"I'm going to stand by her all the way."