Husband shot outside Central Elementary School identified

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Officers from Iredell County Sheriff's Office responded to a domestic situation outside Central Elementary School in Statesville Tuesday afternoon.

Officials say a woman shot her 33-year-old husband, Michael Andrew Callicut twice in their pick-up truck after picking up their third grade son. The incident happened around 2:30 p.m.

The woman went into hysteria and had her son go back into the school to ask for help. Soon after, she ran into the school with her other child for help, according to police.

School was not in session but about 70 to 75 students were on school grounds for after school care, according to authorities.

“No kids were hurt. The kids were herded inside. Got in. They were able to be secured by the school system. Personnel here, when deputies responded they do a search of the school, was able to clear make sure everything was ok in the school and after that the kids were evacuated to the other side of the school to be picked up by their parents," said Darren Campbell.

School principal Diana Jones stayed with the wife until police were on scene to take her in for questioning. Michael was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition as of Wednesday.

School is scheduled to start at the same time Wednesday and counselors will be on hand. The investigation is ongoing.