I-277 construction won't be over until end of 2019

The construction on I-277 is already a pain for a lot of drivers, and you'll want to buckle up—FOX 46 found out that it won't be over until the end of the year.

For many, the construction is getting old. In fact, some don't even remember when it began.
“For the time I’ve been here, I’ve just seen it, always,” one Charlotte woman told FOX 46. 

The $16.3 million project to improve 22 bridges along I-277 started in August of 2017. A year and a half later, we're still dealing with the mess.

“I’m quite frustrated with the all the construction work out there because it just takes longer to get out from uptown all the time,” she said. 

An NC Department of Transportation official tells FOX 46 the project fell behind with all the bad weather Charlotte's had so far this year.

“One day it's like nice today and tomorrow it could be like a storm or we could have snow, like that one day we had snow out of nowhere. I was like ‘what the heck?’” another woman said, 

The construction on 277 was supposed to wrap up early July, and each day American Contracting and Services misses that deadline, they're docked $3,000.

“The days it's not raining, they should definitely be working on it and getting it done as soon as possible,” another neighbor said. 

Most of the drivers who complain to NCDOT are frustrated with backups from the barrier walls, which are in place to keep workers safe. 

To add to it, NCDOT says starting Tuesday night, crews will install a new barrier wall on the interstate for work on bridges on the outer loop crossing railroad tracks, Morehead Street and Mint Street, so for now,  Charlotte residents will just have to go along for the ride.