I-485 Widening Plans in South Charlotte

According to NCDOT there are currently three options on the table to help the traffic flow of I-485.

With an additional lane currently closed off the big question is will drivers have to pay to use it or not. The three options include a toll lane, HOV lane, or a general purpose lane.

NCDOT says if they choose general purpose it will become a far more expensive project.

"We'd have to restore it and you're looking 5 to 10 year from now before you maybe get to it," said NCDOT Secretary Tony Tata.

The project would start as early as fall of 2016 and wrap up around 2019.

NCDOT says another major concern with how the southern region of 485 is set up, there is a lot of weaving around with the way lanes are designed.

If NCDOT does decide to go with the general purpose lanes those lanes cannot be converted into toll lanes in the future. But if they go with toll lanes they can become general purpose.

The goal is to find the best transportation solution for Charlotte and make a decision as soon as possible.

NCDOT says the best option at the moment is going with the toll lanes option. The cost of the project is estimated at 220 million dollars.