I-77 construction crews prepare for Hurricane Florence

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I-77 construction crews are preparing for Hurricane Florence, setting up a plan to monitor flood-prone areas of the highway. 

A viewer picture posted on Sunday showed I-77 severely flooded near I-85. With Hurricane Florence on the way, it could certainly happen again. Drivers in the area plan to take alternate routes.

"I'm going to avoid 77. It's usually a mess anyway. Flooding would be really bad," said Billy Hiett. He lives in Charlotte and takes the interstate regularly.

"I drive a gas tanker and deliver to gas stations around here. I've been caught plenty of times out there in traffic."

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I-77 has flooded before. Video from April shows standing water in the construction area near Brookshire Freeway.

"It could be dangerous. Somebody could come flying through there, hydroplane and wreck,” said Hiett.

FOX 46 asked NCDOT and Sugar Creek Construction what they're doing to fix the problem and prepare for Hurricane Florence.

On Tuesday, NCDOT met with representatives from I-77 Mobility Partners and Sugar Creek Construction. We're told construction will be put on hold and lane closures postponed. NCDOT says its inspectors will monitor the construction area 24 hours a day starting Thursday and ending on Monday.

Sugar Creek Construction crews cleared storm drains and worked to improve drainage ditches to help with water flow.

As for Billy, he anticipates, "flooding a little bit, rain for three or four days solid. That's what I’m expecting."