‘I saw hate': Friends of Steak ‘n Shake shooting victim attend suspect's first court appearance

Friends and co-workers of the man shot and killed during an armed robbery at a Steak ‘n Shake were at the suspect’s first court appearance on Friday. 

“I saw evil. I saw hate,” Anthony Townsend told FOX 46 after leaving the courtroom. He says he looked the suspect, Eddie Doh, in the eye in court.  

Doh is accused of killing Townsend’s best friend, Darnell Harris, a cook at the Steak ‘n Shake. 

Police say Doh, a convicted felon who got out of prison in January for being an accomplice in another murder, went to the restaurant on July 9 to rob the place. 

Doh shot and killed Harris and shot customer Robert Carpenter Jr., according to investigators. They say Harris intervened trying to knock the gun away and save the lives of others in the restaurant. 

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“His actions were heroic for sure," said Townsend. 

Doh was out on probation and police say he used a stolen gun in the Steak ‘n Shake killing. His criminal record also includes previous convictions for attempted robbery, fraud, assaulting a woman and drug and weapons charges.

“The man in me is angry wants revenge, but I know God, so the God in me understands that this man's been failed several times, apparently, to get out of jail and be right back in and to take another man's life." 

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Townsend is pleading with elected leaders to make changes in the criminal justice system and take action to stop repeat offenders from recommitting crimes. 

“Something needs to be done to get to the bottom of why these tragic events are happening," he said. 

Doh will stay in jail under no bond. A judge did not set bail for the accused killer today. Doh is due back in court later this month, and the judge also said he is going to appoint an attorney for Doh.