Ice storm knocks out power, topples trees in N. Iredell County

An ice storm took down trees and power lines Sunday, knocking out power in the Love Valley neighborhood along Bacon Road in northern Iredell County off Highway 115.

“I think it’s a disaster. That’s what I think,” said Martha Webster, who lost power.

Trees snapped like twigs, and power lines crashed down and sprawled across the road.

“Well, it’s not good, not good you know, you don’t have any power,” Webster said.

“I had to brush my teeth in my car with a bottle of water,” Michelle Duncan said.

Duncan also lost power. “It was cold and dark. I couldn’t see.”

The Central Volunteer Fire Department tells Fox 46 Charlotte they responded to 50 calls Sunday morning.

“My brother’s a lineman. It’s very dangerous. I worry about all of them of course, especially my brother being out there,” said Duncan.

Neighbors normally like what winter brings to the area.

“Usually we get snow. We’ve never really got ice like this before,” said Duncan.

And they would not mind if they never get an ice storm again.