Iconic Charlotte music venue closing its doors

An iconic Charlotte music venue is closing its doors. The Double Door Inn is closing its famed double doors - for good. 

It's anything but your traditional concert venue but inside the Double Door Inn is 43 years of melodic memories. 

"This place is my best friend," Zac McBee said. 

McBee is the production manager. 

"I've got blood, sweat and tears in this place, you know," he explained. 

It's a place that has hosted musical greats with their photos lining the walls. Musicians like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. 

"It was all hippies here when we first opened, nothing but hippies."

Co-founder Matt Karres said 'the times, they are a changing'. The Double Door is a prime piece of real estate and was sold to Central Piedmont Community College. Monday night was their final concert. 

The Double Door Inn closing its doors is just one example of a growing issue for Charlotte's music scene. 

"We walked out of this place and I looked at my parents and I told them, 'One day, I'm going to play at this place' And they just said 'Oh that's cute'"

McBee grew up with dreams of playing at the Double Door Inn. Now, he works here. It may not be glamorous, but he said, it has character.