Icy conditions remain in Charlotte; some schools closed Tuesday

It's not just buses driving on icy roads that school districts have to consider when deciding whether to cancel school, they look at safety on the schools' grounds too. 

In Huntersville, there are still plenty of problem spots. 

A portion of the parking lot at North Mecklenburg High School remains very icy. A plow came through the area late Monday afternoon and was able to make some progress but it just wasn't able to break it up all the way. 

The ice is just one of many issues the schools are dealing with. 


"My reaction was I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these kids," Chavalo Rorie, a local parent said. 

Rorie said he found himself in the same boat as many parents Monday. He had to work but the kids were out of school because of icy roads, slick parking lots, ramps and steps.

"It's pretty stressful being as though I have to be at work at 6 a.m. and then finding a place for them to go. I've got to pick and choose who's off and whose not," he explained. 

Rorie found a family member to take care of his young daughter and son. 

Back at school, it's been a real battle against the cold to keep the ice off the sidewalks and areas around mobile classrooms.

"Even if they get the roads clear, we still have to get the facilities clear so the students will be safe to walk around," Rusty Fuller, CMS official, said.

Custodians and maintenance workers took on the task Monday, becoming snow and ice fighters. They've been scraping and shoveling for three days, but the ice continues to stick around due to the cold temperatures.      

"We've had a lot of melting and freezing, melting and freezing. So we've had to stay on top of that," Fuller said. 

They've used three times the amount of ice melt compared to a typical snow storm, but the ice and cold have been pretty stubborn. 

Rorie said whatever it takes to make the roads and buildings safe, even if it means more time away from school.

"I think it's better off to be safe than sorry. I'd rather that than leave the kids out than having an accident on the road."