In controversial move, Durham brewery bans children after 8 p.m.

A brewery in Durham has set a curfew for anyone under the legal drinking age. This change has caused some backlash from parents who want to bring their children with them. 

Customers at a brewery in North Carolina were fed up with kids running around and in a Facebook post, Hi-Wire Brewing at Golden Belt let their customers know they were changing the rules. 

  • Children must be under supervision of their guardian at all times
  • Guests must be 21+ after 8 p.m. 

Some embraced the change at Hi-Wire Brewing at Golden Belt, commenting on social media. 

"Yes. Finally a brewery taking a stand against kids running wild," Robert Ford wrote. 

The brewery commented back stating, "Thanks. Not against kids by ANY MEANS. Just want to make the space more comfortable for everyone." 

"I applaud Hi-Wire for taking a stand. I have three kids and do not need them around me after 8 p.m. when I want private time. If you feel offended about an establishment trying to abide by social rules, there are other locations, such as Dave and Busters. There's a reason while the drinking was pushed up to 18 from 21. Adults want their own space," Gil Borrero wrote. 

Others are not too happy with the change. 

"OK yeah I won't be going here, thanks for letting me know that I can't come here for dinner/drinks with my family," James Nishimuta wrote. 

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to some neighbors in South End who are weighing in. They say some places are making it hard to have kids and hang out. 

"Just before coming here we were told we were not allowed to have our 1-year-old at a place that also dispensed CBD oil. So, of course we left and probably won't be going back because otherwise we'd have to get a sitter and if we're going to get a sitter we're going to a place where we can sit down and be served, we're not going to a place where we have to go get our own food," one South End parent told FOX 46. 

The new rules at Hi-Wire Brewing at Golden Belt say, "Kids must be supervised at all times and after 8 p.m. only adults 21 and over are allowed." 

Customers at Unknown Brewery in South End said kids during the day is fine but it's "byebye after dark." 

"There's no reason after 8 p.m. that a kid needs to be in a brewery so I think it's very fair," one customer said. 

"They're drinking and you have to be 21, so probably not anything for anyone under 21," another said. 

Several people told FOX 46 Charlotte after 8 p.m. adults with alcohol can get rowdy and that's not the best atmosphere for kids. 

"Granted mine's 1 so she's in bed for an hour by then, so we're not going to go out with her after 8 anyway so I think that sounds fine as long as they still allow kids," one parent said.