Indian Trail family believes mold complaints got them kicked out of apartment

A family living in Indian Trail believes they were kicked out of their apartment after repeatedly reporting mold issues.

"I really don't like to be bullied and I feel like they're bullying me," former tenant Alexa Bunting said.

Bunting and her boyfriend were living at the Provenza at Indian Trail. Her boyfriend worked for Greystar Property Management-- which runs the complex-- which allowed them to receive rent at a reduced rate.

Bunting said she started to notice water damage in the unit back in January. She said water was coming through the walls and floors and, later, her belongings were covered in mold. She said it's been that way ever since.

FOX 46 observed furniture and other items that appeared to have mold on it. Bunting said management tested her apartment for mold and denied any issues.

"I was told...that in the documentation, there was no mold," Bunting said. 

She said Greystar would not allow her to see the test results. That's when FOX 46 connected her with Page Inspections Plus Inc.

The company tested the apartment and found "very heavy" levels of aspergillus, a type of mold, on the furniture and walls. 

Things have changed ever since FOX 46 got involved.

Greystar now admits there's a mold issue, but told FOX 46, "A professional remediation company removed drywall in the apartment [on Wednesday] and there is no water present. It is their expert opinion, the mold was not caused by an exterior water issue. The most likely cause is due to insufficient use of the HVAC system, which includes both A/C and heat."

Bunting's expert, however, said, while HVAC issues could be playing a role, his tests show moisture underneath the floors that's likely coming in from outside."

In response to that opinion, Greystar said they're going to get an additional expert opinion.

It might be too late for Bunting and her family. She said after repeatedly making complaints, her boyfriend was fired from his job with Greystar.

"They said if I kept on going up to the apartment and complaining about the mold they would fire him," Bunting said. "A few weeks later he was fired and we have seven days to get out."

Greystar would not elaborate on the termination.

"Due to privacy laws we are not able to discuss employees or their work performance, but the allegations made are false," a spokesperson said.

Bunting is in contact with Indian Trail Mayor Michael Alvarez. He was concerned when Bunting said the complex wouldn't turn over their test results after, initially, saying there was no mold issue.

"It's human nature, if the mold test was negative, we all know they would've released it voluntarily," Alvarez said. "By hiding it, chances are, they're admitting what's there. I don't have proof to that, but we're talking human nature."

Provenza said Bunting and her family can move into a different apartment at full price. Bunting wants to be compensated for her household items that were destroyed by mold.

"It's not right," she said.