Indian Trail residents call for resignation of councilwoman over alleged racist posts

Fireworks erupted inside what was supposed to be an Indian Trail Town Council Meeting on Tuesday.

FOX 46 Charlotte was the only media inside where dozens of townsfolk pointed to what they called racially charged Facebook posts from one elected official.

People in Indian Trail are asking Town Councilwoman Amy Stanton to step down from office and fellow council members will debate censuring Stanton.

“They were very racially motivated,” resident Roberta Chang explained.

They said Stanton liked Facebook posts on topics like the KKK holding a parade, a quote from an article calling Michelle Obama an "Ape in heels," and they said she even commented on a Michelle Obama article stating, “Maybe she will take her little family and go back to Kenya.”

“They were racist, some of the were hateful,” resident Mischelle Reece said. “They mean that I voted for somebody who is not a good representation of who I am and what I believe Indian Trail is."

It’s been a difficult month for Stanton. The council member was charged with assault in February due to a domestic dispute with her daughter.  

“We are calling for the resignation of Amy Stanton, yes," Chang added.

Indian Trail was scheduled to have a town council meeting on Tuesday night but three of its five members, including Stanton, did not show up.

The meeting, instead, turned into a two hour forum where people voiced their frustrations.

“If I called into work and said I’m not coming, I would likely get fired. Unfortunately, we can’t fire an elected official so unfortunately we have to allow this joke to continue," Reece said.