Infant badly burned in gas-can explosion headed to Levine Children's Hospital

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1-year-old Emily who was burned on the right.

14-month old Emily Hinton, the baby who was badly burned in an accidental explosion nearly three months ago made her way back to Charlotte Thursday night, according to her family.

Emily's mother posted they were on their way to the Levine Children's Hospital where she will start rehab. Emily has been hospitalized in Winston-Salem.

Emily was injured after a gas can exploded in her family's back yard in September.

On Thursday, November 12, Emily mother, Amy Hinton posted to social media that she got to hold her for the first time in 8 weeks. 

Hinton has been posting updates to Facebook on Emily's status. On Friday, October 30, a post said Emily was weaned off the ventilator and is now breathing 100% on her own. She was  scheduled to go back to the OR Thursday, November 5, for touch ups.

Emily has had a few surgeries since then. One on Thursday, October 29, and another Thursday, October 15, which took about ten hours.

Amy Hinton also said during the October 15th surgery doctors would be grafting skin to put on top all the burned areas on her body.

After Emily's first surgery a family friend posted to Facebook. "The doctor was very encouraged that he was able to remove all the burned skin and that she remained stable throughout the procedure." He adds that the child has a long way to go, but is thanking everyone for their support and prayers.

The incident happened at White Aspen Place. 14-month-old Emily was airlifted for treatment of life-threatening injuries, according to officials.

Officers responded to a fire at the 9500 block of White Aspen Place Tuesday, September 15, around 4:00 p.m. Investigators believe the fire was due to a fuel container being too close to an active patio fire pit, causing Emily to be severely burned.

Emily's father posted the following statement on Facebook after the incident:

"We just talked to doctor and they said if she pulls through she will need multiple surgeries throughout her life... we are having a really rough time wrapping our minds around all this... be thankful for what you have everyday because it can be taken away in a blink... my beautiful baby will never be the same.. but I will take her however I can get her and love her like she has never been loved.. please pray for our family... thanks to everyone for their support."

Police said at this time it appeared the incident was an accident.