Injured black bear rescued after being spotted roaming around Concord neighborhood

An injured black bear has been rescued after the animal was spotted roaming around neighborhoods in Concord Thursday.

Neighbors living in Carriage Downs posted on social media about the bear walking about the neighborhood. They called police telling them to look for the injured animal.

"They put a drone in the air, cops kept patrolling in the neighborhood, City of Concord called us to stay in," a homeowner told FOX 46.

Cabarrus County deputies and Concord police responded along with Animal Care & Control to remove the black bear. Authorities searched for hours, eventually finding the bear in a culvert.

"Walked down and looked into the culvert, shined a flashlight into the culvert and you could see two little eyes looking back to us," one rescuer told FOX 46.

They said for safety reasons they had to tranquilize the 200-pound, 2-year-old animal and hoist him out of a drain culvert in a culdesac.

Concord police attending to an injured black bear that was roaming a local neighborhood (Source: Concord Police)

According to Concord Police, the bear is expected to be okay. Officials were taking the bear to Asheboro zoo for evaluation and are hopeful to release the animal back into the wild.

"It's got a great ending. In 23 years of doing this job, it's one of the coolest things I've been involved in. Just neat to see that bear and know we were able to get him out of here, and hopefully he's going to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild," an officer told FOX 46.