Interrogation video shown in court as convicted killer seeks new trial

Testimony continued Wednesday in a hearing for a convicted killer trying to get a new trial. Powerful video of Mark Carver’s interrogation by police came at the end of the day in court.

Carver said on the video “I didn’t even know she was there,” referring to Ira Yarmolenko, the murder victim, insinuating he had never seen her.

But at another point on the video, Carver stood up and demonstrated Yarmolenko’s height.

Also on the video, the interrogator told Carver his DNA was found inside Yarmolenko’s car, but Carver denied ever being inside her car.

Earlier testimony centered around Mark Carver’s family members testifying about his limited physical abilities.

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Family members said Carver had difficulty gripping things and he had carpal tunnel syndrome. The defense is trying to paint the picture that Carver could not have physically strangled someone.

Carver is currently serving a life sentence for killing 20-year-old Yarmolenko, a UNCC student, in 2008. She was found strangled to death near the Catawba River.

Carver's DNA was found on Yarmolenko’s car, but not on her body or the murder weapons. 

The prosecution says Carver shot his own son in the stomach in the year before Yarmolenko’s murder. The defense said it was an accident. Carver’s daughter testified Wednesday, “They’re rednecks and they were playing.”

Wednesday a corporal with the Mount Holly Police Department testified that he waited more than five months to write a statement, which was based on memory only, about talking with Carver on the riverbank the day Yarmolenko’s body was found.

Testimony continues Thursday.