Intoxicated man arrested after stealing moped, carrying semi-automatic pistol

Rivertto Sydel Stewart 

A 29-year-old man is behind bars after police say he robbed a moped from a teenager and unlawfully carried a semi-automatic pistol all while under the influence in Rock Hill Friday night.

Around 11:30 p.m., Rock Hill police officers were notified that a man with a large gun was walking in the middle of the roadway in the area of E. Main Street and Albright Road heading toward the downtown area and into E. Main Street and N. Jones. Later, a caller also stated the man was riding a red moped. 

Shortly after, an officer tracked down the suspect, identified as Rivertto S. Stewart, at the intersection of Kimbrell and Standard. Stewart attempted to start the moped when officers began to detain him. 

Police say Stewart had a bloody upper lip and other minor scrapes on his face prior to the arrest. 

Another police officer located the semi-automatic pistol at the intersection of Willowbrook and N. Jones that was loaded with a round in the chamber. The gun will be used as evidence as police continue to investigate this case. 

But it doesn't stop here. Police were made aware that Stewart also robbed a child's moped. The victim and his grandparents told police that he recognized Stewart as the heavyset black male with a backpack, no shirt and a large machine gun pistol who stole his moped and pointed the gun at him. 

The moped has since been returned to the victim. 

Steward was treated at the hospital. Since, a warrant was issued to him for carrying a pistol unlawfully and armed robbery.