Investigation underway after reports of watered-down gas from Belmont mini-mart

State officials are investigating a Belmont gas station after multiple customers have complained about water in their gas tank after filling up at a mini-mart off South Point Road.

For some customers who filled up at the gas station, they quickly learned the frustration of what happens when water and gas mix.

"Oh it's incredibly frustrating," said Brooke Stephens.

Stephens shelled out nearly $250 dollars last week for a mechanic to get the water out of the gas inside her Ford Explorer.

"Our gas was completely contaminated with water. He couldn't even get it to light when he tested it," said Stephens.

Stephens knew something wasn't right when her SUV wouldn't start within a day of filling up at the C-MART gas station on South Point Road in Belmont.

"My husband went in and brought the receipt and told the clerk about what was happening. She said we have had many complaints about it, but we have tested our gas and it's fine," said Stephens.

Several customers also complained to the North Carolina Motor Fuels Lab who confirmed to FOX 46 Charlotte an inspector visited the gas station last week. There was no evidence of issues at the pump or with the gas lines, but gas samples were taken and results should be in later this week.

The testing is too little, too late for the Stephens family who were without a car for three days.

"A week before my son is is leaving for Navy boot camp and he missed meetings with his recruiters, training with his recruiters, his boot camp orientation he missed," said Stephens.

Today, Brooke Stephens has her SUV back, but is now anxiously waiting for the gas results from the state.

"I just want who dumped the water in the gas tank to be responsible," said Stephens.

FOX 46 Charlotte has requested a copy of the results and will bring you an update when they are released.