Investigators: Ron Rivera House Fire Started in Fireplace

Charlotte fire investigators have released their findings as to what started a fire at the home of Panthers coach Ron Rivera. They believe the fire started in the fire place.

The report says Mr. and Mrs. Rivera woke early in the morning of January 5th to a smoke alarm sounding. They were able to get their family members and guests safely out of the house.

Firefighters arrived to the house and saw no visible fire from the outside. Once they entered the home they noticed smoke and identified a fire in the crawlspace, in the area below the fireplace, extending to the attic. Firefighters were able to put the fire out in less than an hour.

The Rivera's said the fireplace was turned off at approximately 11:00 PM the night before but had been running for 12 hours the day before.

Investigators say the fire was likely caused by either a defect in the fireplace, or that the fireplace wasn't installed correctly. They believe the fire was accidental.