Is Your Baby Safe In His/Her Car Seat?

It's the piece of equipment, that keeps your child safe, and it's the one thing parents and expecting moms and dads want to make sure is made with care. Britax safety advocate Sarah Tilton said, "Our children are our precious cargo, we as adults, caregivers, parents have every right to make the best decisions for our kids."

A number of steps go into making a Britax car seat, at their factory headquarters in Fort Mill, SC. Steps and safety precautions that could be the one thing that saves a child’s life.

Public Relations and Events manager Kate Clark said, "The car seats you see in Target, Babies R Us, and Buy Buy Baby, are made right here in Fort Mill, SC.

We are getting an inside look at the factory where these car seats are made, by human hands, not machines.

Clark said, "Instead of a machine doing the same repetitive moves one after another, we have a person like you and me - quality control checking these seats."

And the patented technology that makes Britax car seats unique, is tested inside their headquarters, at a government level, and on a higher, independent manufacturer level. Britax sends these car seats through a number of tests, until they feel the car seat is protecting the child to the highest level.An obligation they say they have to their consumers.

Clark said, "Britax is the leader in safety, we have been for a long time.” But once the car seat is complete, and you strap your baby or child in, a lot can go wrong, if you aren't using the belts and buckles how they were intended.

"I want to remind Mom's and Dad's that these are a safety device, and we want them to be comfortable, but we also want them to be safe."

Have questions about whether your car seat is installed properly?

Britax encourages you to have your installation checked by a certified child passenger safety technician. To have your car seat installation checked locally, click here to attend one of the next Britax car seat checking station events in Fort Mill, SC or visit to find an inspection station near you.