It may be months before dark stretches of Charlotte highways are lit again

Traveling in Charlotte at night, it's hard not to notice some stretches of road are darker than others.

"I do most of my commute at night and it's really dark, even if I turn on my brights, it's still kind of dark to see," said driver Kira Cournegay.

Take Interstate 85 for instance. While some places are just bright enough, like near the airport, near the Beatties Ford Road exit, there's not much. That's part of the reason why North Carolina Department of Transportation is trying to fix the problem.

"Some of these lighting systems might need to be updated because they have been there when the systems were built or widened within the last couple of decades," said Jen Thompson with NCDOT.

NCDOT is working to upgrade some 10,000 lights to LED. Three thousand of them are in Charlotte alone.

"There's some wiring that needs to be replaced. There's access panels and control boxes that need to be upgraded as well."

The upgrades have required hard work, work that hasn't been completed yet. It will likely be another four months until the lights are shining bright again along stretches of Charlotte highways, according to NCDOT.

"There would probably be less accidents at nighttime if they were to go ahead and speed up everything," Cournegay said. "That would help."

The big reason for the delay: The weather. It hasn't exactly cooperated in getting the lights switched out, leaving some places in the dark. Some of the lights have not been replaced since they were first put up.