ITT Tech student trying to figure out next steps after campuses close nationwide

"The program I was in was about $41,000 and some change," John Schneider said.

For Navy Veteran John Schneider that was only for nine months of school. He used his G.I Bill for ITT Tech and said the education there wasn't worth the price.

Others like Quinby Akal, who finished his associates there, said now that ITT Tech is closed he is concerned his degree is worthless.

"Utilizing my benefits, trying to maximize it, that's a year and some change you can't get back. You know the VA is not going to say ‘we understand what's going on, here you can have this month of benefits back’," Quinby Akal said.

Worst of all, these veterans now owe money back.

"Did I get a little debt from the Montgomery G.I Bill? Yes, actually because as they close down they went ‘by the way, you owe us this money back now'," Schneider said.

ITT Tech shut down because the U.S Department of Education wouldn't give them federal aid because the school didn't meet federal education standards.

One of the biggest issues these students are facing is that their credits are not transferable because ITT Tech is not an accredited school. So whatever school they chose to go to they will have to start over from scratch.

"It's disheartening because now we are not only dealing with the hardships of the school closing, but the hardship of misinformation, whether it be from Department of Education, Department of Veteran Affairs or the actual schools themselves," Akal said.

Central Piedmont Community College held an open house event for former ITT Tech students to see how they can accommodate them with other options.

"There may be an opportunity to do credit by exam or a CLEP test so they would be further ahead in our program at CPCC," Dean of Enrollment Management at CPCC JJ Mceachern.

CPCC also points out ITT Tech students can get departmental credit by competency based credit, based on the policies of the individual programs.