JCSU Coach says he will no longer refuse meals for players

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Johnson C. Smith University said policy will be put in place to make sure no athletes are punished by not being allowed to eat -- following the controversy surrounding head coach Kermit Blount.

Some players say they were forced to play Saturday's road game against Virginia Union on an empty stomach because they were about five minutes late to an 8:30 a.m. mandatory breakfast at the team hotel. The coach kept meals away from them as discipline. The athletic department says this will not happen again.

"No i would handle it a little different, and there are some other options we have, and I won't discuss those options but it could be as severe as playing time -- it could be severe as not playing at all," coach Blount said at a press conference.

Coach Blount says some players found food on their own near the hotel, but a number of players rely on the school-provided meals and can't afford to eat on their own during road trips.

Coach Blount said he didn't know some students wouldn't be able to eat.

Kicker Erik Amaya, one of the players not allowed to eat, says it was more than a couple who didn't eat, and the results of playing a full-contact collegiate sport without food could have been serious.

"One player is down with sickel cell and if he didn't have any food in his system he could have possibly died," he said.

Coach says this old-school method of coaching  was not intended to harm players, but teach them a lesson.