JCSU officials won't give answers on inconsistencies in statement on plumbing issues

A Johnson C. Smith University official won’t answer FOX 46’s questions concerning student’s complaints about plumbing issues in their dorms.

We reached out to the Communications and Marketing Director Sherri Belfield several times to address inconsistencies in their statement to us regarding toilets at Sanders Hall that were not working. She didn't respond so we went to her office to get answers.

The efforts to get straight answers on plumbing issues in Sanders Hall at Johnson C. Smith University were met with resistance.

Belfield called security before speaking with FOX 46, and when we pressed for answers on the inconsistencies, Belfield had security kick our crew out.

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In a statement, Belfield told FOX 46 "the incident at Sanders Hall involved three toilets that had to be taken out of service due to blockages, which could not be cleared due to the lack of water."

Video of the third floor bathroom Wednesday evening shows six toilets covered with plastic and doors that say "closed."

"They want all us to go to the second floor. 100 girls they want to go to four stalls and share one bathroom. Not only is that not safe but that is a fire hazard,” a student told FOX 46.

Belfield's explanation of toilet blockages caused by a water main break also don't align with what the plumber inside the dorm told FOX 46.

Students tell me the toilets have been fixed on Friday.

Belfield still hasn't responded but FOX 46 will continue to press for answers for students and their parents as to what caused the problem and how it got so bad.