Jeff Taylor: "This is gonna be just like Ray Rice"

Charlotte Hornets forward Jeffery Taylor was seen shoving his girlfriend into a wall, and hitting her on the arm, according to a police report written by responding officers in East Lansing, Michigan.

According to the report, Taylor was upset with his girlfriend because she talked to her ex-boyfriend when they were at a bar. Both Taylor and his girlfriend were drinking the night of the incident.

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Taylor has been dating his girlfriend for 3 years. The two broke up for a little while, and during the break, she began dating a Michigan State University football player. Taylor and his girlfriend began dating again about a month ago.

When Taylor's girlfriend talked to her ex for a few minutes at a bar, Taylor got upset and stormed out.

Several people staying at the Marriott hotel that night heard loud arguing. At least one witness saw Taylor shove his girlfriend into the wall, and strike her on the arm. Officers noticed a hole in one of the walls of the hotel.

Taylor told an officer nothing happened, that he just pushed his girlfriend. Then he said, "Oh this is another Ray Rice incident, great, this is gonna be just like Ray Rice." Taylor was arrested. Later on, as police officers drove Taylor's girlfriend back to her apartment, she said, "Great, this is gonna be another Ray Rice."

Jeffery Taylor got 18 months probation after he plead guilty to two charges: domestic assault and battery and a reduced charge of malicious destruction of a building. He will not face any jail time.

As part of his probation, Taylor will have to take a 26-week batterers intervention program. He is also required to abstain from drinking alcohol and pay $1,800 in court fees.

If he successfully completes the probation, the charges will be expunged from his record.

Taylor and his girlfriend were both referring to an incident involving Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was caught on surveillance camera punching his fiancee, now wife, a blow that knocked her out. Video of the incident sparked a national conversation about domestic violence, with many people calling for more harsh punishments against professional athletes who are offenders.