Judge denies Kevin Olsen's request to remove electronic monitoring device

Former UNC-Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen, the brother of Panthers tight end Greg Olsen bolted out of the courtroom, and out of the courthouse, with his parents Wednesday afternoon. 

“Mr. Olsen probably has more resources than anyone in this entire courthouse should he choose to flee,” the prosecutor said, asking the judge to deny Olsen’s request to remove his electronic monitoring device. 

The judge sided with the prosecution, denying the request. The electronic monitoring device was a condition of his pre-trial release on charges of second degree rape, cyber stalking and assault on a female.

About a year ago Olsen was arrested for sending threatening messages to his then girlfriend after prosecutors say the two had been uptown drinking Olsen was also charged with assaulting and raping his then-girlfriend three times.

“She has indicated that she is fearful for a number of months after this incident took place not only was the victim followed and approached by an investigator but a number of witnesses including her roommate was approached by an investigator representing himself to be on behalf of the defendant,” the prosecutor said.

Another of Olsen’s former girlfriends has come forward, according to the prosecution accusing him of domestic violence. Prosecutors say Olsen has a history of mental health and substance abuse issues. 

“It did come to my attention that while abiding by his curfew, he was at a bar for a recent Panthers game,”

Olsen has pleaded "100 percent not guilty" according to his attorney who turned down a prior plea deal, and told the judge Wednesday that Olsen has stayed away from his ex-girlfriend.

Kevin has had absolutely no contact with her either by email text message Instagram whatever the social media is.

A tentative trial date for Olsen is set for June 11.

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