Judge Rules in Favor of Continuing I-77 Toll Lane Project

A judge ruled in favor of I-77 Mobility Partners to continue the I-77 toll lane project. Widen I-77, a group against the toll lane project, had argued the plan was unconstitutional.

In a statement, NCDOT said it appreciates the judge's ruling. Not it's waiting for a ruling from local elected officials on whether they'll move forward with the project.

Some Mecklenburg County lawmakers have asked the Charlotte City Council to push to cancel toll lanes proposed for Interstate 77 north of the city.

The Charlotte Observer reported that nine area lawmakers asked Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the city council to oppose the project included in the area transportation plan.

Gov. Pat McCrory last year refused to cancel the project, but did ask the regional transportation agency to vote on the proposal again. That vote is scheduled Jan. 20.

Charlotte City Council is scheduled to vote Monday whether to direct reverse the city's support of the toll lanes. The city council's transportation committee voted 3-2 this week to continue the support the project, which has already started construction.

Council members are expecting a close vote Monday.

The controversial toll lane project is already under construction and set to cost $650 million. The toll lane project, which would stretch for more than 20 miles north of Charlotte, is being funded by a Spanish company named Cintra.

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization will vote on a list of projects, which includes the toll lanes, on Jan. 20.