'Julie' the Cow doing OK after being rescued from icy pond

Spencer Blackwelder’s mood has changed since Monday when he discovered his cow, Julie, stuck in an icy pond in Concord.
Firefighters “herd” the call come in, and rushed to help.

“We try to remain focused in the task at hand,” said Mt. Pleasant firefighter, Mike Powell. “It definitely was odd.”

Rescue crews were able to “grain” Julie’s trust, and pull her from the pond.

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FOX 46 Charlotte went back to the farm Tuesday to see how Julie was holding up. You could say she’s “milking” the attention.

“You took a swim didn't you,” owner Spencer Blackwelder said to Julie.

The cow is mother to a young calf on the farm.

“She’s doing good and the little calf’s been getting his milk,” Blackwelder said.

Like children, every cow on Blackwelder’s farm has a name.

“Cinderella, come here girl,” Blackwelder yelled.

The cattle is his livelihood, and without Julie, Blackwelder would lose out on potentially thousands of dollars.

“This was my dad's farm,” he said, “and I'm just trying to keep it going because it's all I've done all my life.”

It would have been an “udder” shame if something happened to the herd. Now that things have settled down, however, Blackwelder says he might be able to “brand” the ordeal into a “cash cow.”

“It looks like I'm going to have to make life jackets for cows.”

“Hay,” it’s worth a shot!