Jury sent home in Rayquan Borum trial, will deliberate for 2nd day

Rayquan Borum's future is now in the hands of the jury after closing arguments were given at his murder trial on Wednesday.

“He told you what he did. He told his friends what he did. He told law enforcement what he did. He is on video doing what he did-- shooting Justin Carr. Not a tear gas canister, not a metal rod. He shot that man in the middle of the street in Charlotte,” Assistant District Attorney Desmond McCallum said in court.

The prosecution says video evidence proves Rayquan Borum shot and killed Justin Carr on September 21, 2016 in uptown Charlotte after protests erupted when a police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott.


The defense hammered the prosecution on the lack of evidence. 

A shell casing, but not a bullet was found at the scene.. 

The defense also said the medical examiner testified that there was a metal fragment found in Carr's head, but it was never tested.

LINK: CMPD: Man shot in Charlotte during protests dies in hospital

“If you knew it was a metal fragment, do you think maybe you could have compared it to that and seen if it was a bullet or some piece of one of those grenades that no one collected or anything other than this exact shell casing that was found?" asked defense attorney Mark Simmons during closing arguments.

The defense says Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police coerced Borum into a confession.

“It wasn't really his chance to tell his story, tell his narrative. It was their chance to get somebody with a 10th grade education, 21 years old to say what they needed him to say and they could take the rest of it from there,” Simmons said. 

The prosecution urged the jury not to let the reason behind the protests distract them from what they say Borum did.

“Make no mistake, issues of racism, police brutality, these are real issues, these are genuine issues and conversations us as a society and a city need to have, but they're not cover and excuses for that man to get away with murder,” McCallum said. 

The jury went home after 3 hours of deliberation Wednesday without a decision in the murder trial.