Jury will deliberate for third day in Rayquan Borum trial

There is still no decision in the Rayquan Borum murder trial. Jury deliberations will stretch into a third day.

The jury has some options that may be making it harder to come to an agreement, such as choosing between first and second degree murder. 

Rayquan Borum is on trial for the murder of Justin Carr on September 21, 2016 in uptown Charlotte when protests broke out over the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott. 

The prosecution is arguing that video evidence proves Borum shot and killed Carr that night, but the defense says Borum was coerced into a confession, and there's a lack of evidence in the case.

Jurors are making a decision about whether to send Borum to prison for life. If he's found guilty of first degree murder, he could get life in prison without parole. 

He’s 23 years old, so according to the defense, he could be out of prison by the age of 50 if he's found guilty of the lesser second degree murder charge.