Kannapolis taxi driver speaks out after being shot

"This ain't my first rodeo that someone has tried to rob me and shots being fired," said Robert Story.  "My mistake was I didn't have my bulletproof vest on."

Taxi driver Robert Story talking from his bedroom in the hospital. He is recovering after being shot twice Friday morning.  Kannapolis police say two men tried to rob Carolina Taxi 

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Story says he was inside with a coworker when two guys in ski masks came inside demanding money. After the men attacked and threatened the men, Story says he chose to fight back. 

"I reached into my shoulder holster and I discharged one round and got him and the other one discharged a couple rounds and shot through my arm  and shattered my bone. The other bullet went through my stomach. I had to protect Mike. Mike has a real young daughter and she is too young to grow up without a father," said Story. 

He adds he's been a cab driver in Kannapolis for nearly three decades so he knows the risk of his job.  

Story's message to those responsible is simple. 

"Give up on crime and get a job. Be a normal person in society," he said.