Kerrick trial set to begin next week

A Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer is about to be on trial. And it's one of the biggest cases our area has seen. Randall Kerrick is accused of shooting and killing Jonathan Ferrell , former Florida A&M football player, who was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The trial has been in the works for years, now, potential jurors are being asked questions to prepare in case they are chosen to stand on that jury. The team , prosecuting this case is the special prosecutions section of the Attorney General's office, Steve Arbogast, Adren Harris and Theresa Postell.

This team has prosecuted cases like, Sidney lowe ' s - the former NC State University men’s basketball coach who was on trial for tax evasion. Then-State Representative Deb McManus for aiding and abetting embezzlement. And former Brunswick and Columbus county district attorney Rex Gore.